Yes, indeed – WHY?? Below is an excerpt from Lesson 1 of the 58 Lesson Bible Study Course originally published by Ambassador College in the 1960’s, followed by links where the Lessons can be downloaded (Highly Recommended exercise – ENJOY!!)…


WHY SHOULD we want to study the Bible? What IS the Bible? How shall we study it, in order to understand it?

At the very beginning of this course we need to ask, and answer, these questions.

We know God has commanded, “STUDY to SHOW THYSELF APPROVED UNTO GOD.” But WHY should we seek to be “approved unto God”?

And is this study to be a tiresome, uninteresting DUTY we force ourselves to undertake because of the stern command of a harsh God – or is this study to become the most INTERESTING, the most THRILLING, the most ENJOYABLE and PROFITABLE pursuit of our lives?


Bible a LIVING Book!

WHY is the study of the Bible a dull, uninteresting, irksome task to most people — done, if at all, only as a duty out of fear of a harsh God? Simply because people have not KNOWN God, or what He is like – and because they have never started to really UNDERSTAND the Bible!

In this study we shall come to really see that God is LOVE — not a harsh, stern God; that God wants every one of us to be happy, and to ENJOY life to the very full, and to make life INTERESTING – every second of it! And we shall, once we begin to UNDERSTAND the Bible, come to find it the most fascinating, the most INTERESTING, as well as the most profitable and enjoyable INTEREST that ever came into our lives! Once you get really into it, you’ll enjoy this study so much you will hardly be able to wait until the next lesson. You’ll find that NO FUN, no PLEASURES, no sports, entertainments or worldly interests were ever so TRULY ENJOYABLE, so delightful, so interesting, so SATISFYING!

Because God is LOVE (I John 4:8,16), He, your Creator who loves YOU, and wants you to be happy and healthy and prosperous, gives you the Bible. It is HIS WORD by which He reveals to you THE WAY out of boredom, fear and worry, sickness and disease, poverty and want, emptiness and discontent. It reveals the WAY to the happy, healthy, prosperous ABUNDANT life which He wants you to enjoy NOW — and for all eternity!

…end of excerpt – READY to get started!?

This link will take you to a text version of the 58 Lessons:


This link will take you to the original, scanned in version of the 58 Lessons:


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