My name is Lowell Vickers, and I have been associated with the Church of God since 1980.
I have lived through the tumultuous changes in the Church, which became glaringly evident by the mid 90’s, but in retrospect, we now realize that certain “change agents” were already at work even while Mr. Herbert W Armstrong was on his sickbed in late 1985, to his death in January of 1986!

After associating with several of the church groups that formed as a result of the splitting up and splintering of the Worldwide Church of God, a few of us eventually settled into our current association, where we continue to Hold Fast to All Things given to us, we believe, by Christ through Mr. Armstrong, the End Time Elijah.

This Blog Site is dedicated to preserving the Truths given to The Church through Mr. Armstrong, as well as pointing the way forward as we Hold Fast to our calling.

Anyone wanting to learn more about this work, can contact me at this email address: lowell.vickers@yahoo.co.za