Armageddon! The word incites different reactions in different people, but how many really know what it means, and the real facts about the events surrounding it? This post serves to introduce you to a June 1985 Plain Truth article on Armageddon. Below are the introductory paragraphs from the article, following by a link to the Plain Truth magazine containing the article…

“I TURN back to your ancient prophets in the Old Testament and the signs foretelling Armageddon,” confided President Ronald Reagan to an American Jewish leader in the autumn of 1983, “and I find myself wondering if we’re the generation that’s going to see that come about.”

On nearly a dozen occasions, Ronald Reagan has suggested that “Armageddon” is coming- and possibly soon.

His references to Armageddon have received widespread attention and have aroused concern among some that Mr. Reagan might view a nuclear war with the Soviet Union as inevitable. They imply he might not take sufficient steps toprevent a superpower confrontation.In response, President Reagan has stated that his belief in Armageddon would never keep him from seeking world peace.

But is Armageddon a superpower confrontation? Is a war between the United States and the Soviet Union prophesied in the Bible? Statesmen, scientists and generals have long warned of the dire prospects of a “nuclear Armageddon” that could annihilate mankind from the face of the earth.

Many believed that World War I-and later World War II-would end with Armageddon. Some today believe that Armageddon will be the last battle between the democratic West and communist East.

But did you know that nowhere in the Bible-from Genesis to Revelation-is there any mention of a future “battle of Armageddon”?

The Bible, of course, does reveal a great military confrontation to occur at the end of this age.

But it is not called the battle of Armageddon!…

 …read the rest of the story in the June 1965 Plain Truth, Page 33…

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