This is the second of a two part series on Gender. In the previous post we had a look at True Womanhood. Now we will deal with the topic of Masculinity – God’s way! As intimated previously, there seems to be huge confusion, in spite of overwhelming BIOLOGICAL CLUES, what gender role one should take on. A new “politically correct” phrase in use these days is “gender fluidity”, suggesting that gender can be a choice, rather than something determined by the chromosome configuration at conception! 

So we find ourselves in a world where “metro male” is a perfectly acceptable concept – and generally seems to refer to men who are just as “fashion conscious” as women! Even to the point where the radicals are pushing for facial cosmetic products for men!

But what was God’s original intent for men (and remember – God says he is the same yesterday, today and forever – Heb 13:8, Mal 3:6)? Following are the first few paragraphs of an article from the 1965 Plain Truth, entitled: “Christian Manhood – Is It a ‘Lost Cause’?” A link to the whole article will be provided below:

WHAT a confused scene! Here was a place of worship-a temple, actually-and yet it was filled with the smell of manure and the sights and sounds of tradesmen and money changers!

Suddenly, a powerfully built 30-year-old man appeared. The breadth of his shoulders and the girth of his chest was evident as he strode confidently into the picture.

His nostrils quivered and his posture stiffened as the animal stench and the raucous babble of the tradesmen and moneychangers came under his immediate scrutiny. He paused only for a moment as the full impact of this cheap

and tawdry scene in God’s temple became evident.

Then he moved forward swiftly. jesus-money-changers

He jerked the heavy tables of the moneychangers out from under them and turned them over! He RIPPED OPEN the cages that held so many birds to be sold-and loosed the cattle and oxen from their stalls, driving them down the hallways and out of the temple.

“Get out of here and take your things with you!” a deep and powerful voice THUNDERED to the astonished tradesmen. “QUIT making my father’s house a cheap bartering place and den of thieves ‘”

What a scene!

 But why didn’t someone STOP this indignant young man?

 Masculine DOMINANCE Exemplified

 This man was Jesus Christ!

Many will say that these Jews didn’t stop Jesus on this occasion because they knew He was the Messiah.

But they are wrong!

Just read the inspired account of this incident in John 2:13-22, and you will quickly see that they had no such idea. He had only begun His ministry. So it was neither respect for Him as a great prophet or the Messiah or religious piety on the part of these wretched traders and moneychangers which prevented them from surrounding Him and beating Him up right on the spot.

The reason these Jews kept their distance was that Jesus of Nazareth was a real MAN. He was a powerful man, a man’s man. He was a truly masculine man of a type that is rapidly disappearing in our western “civilization.”…

Click here to read the rest of the story: On Page 9 of the 1965 Plain Truth Magazine

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