“Is your ultimate fate decided for you in advance? No subject has baffled, perplexed, and worried people more. Here, for the first time, many will read the astonishing truth, so plain all can understand.”

The above paragraph is the lead in to the booklet “Predestination – Does the Bible Teach It?” – clearly a subject that many wonder about, if only on a subconscious level.

This shorter post serves only to introduce the wonderful TRUTH about Predestination – the very essence of which can be summed up by a couple of paragraphs from page 23 in the 1973 Edition of the booklet:

“And now you begin to see the glorious truth – that predestination has nothing to to with your making a decision or your fate – it has only to do with the time of your calling – whether you are called now, in this age, or later.”

“God does not decide for you, in advance, whether you shall be saved or lost. He did decide far in advance which ones He would call in this first calling, to be a priest or a king in His Kingdom – to be part in the saving of others.”

Read the whole fascinating story in “Predestination – Does the Bible Teach It?”




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