Isn’t it  ironic here in 2015,with all the advances in the medical field, that health and vitality seem to evade so many people – the majority have a lack of inherent  “get up and go” and need to supplement their diets just to make it through a day! It seems we have lost sight that there are immutable laws that govern the universe, acting upon everything and everyone!

The Church published a booklet, last © date, 1985, entitled:  Principles of Healthful Living. This post serves to introduce this booklet by summarising the Laws of Radiant Health it talks about, and then by providing a link to download the reprint article in PDF format:

Law 1 – Food and Fasting

We truly are what we eat. Yet the average person has very little knowledge of what he really ought to eat to build a strong, vigorous body. Many of the products commonly called foods are of little or no value in nourishing the body. They clog the digestive system, aggravate it, and become a real burden to eliminate.

Two basic factors to remember: Avoid foods that have been corrupted or perverted in man-made “food” factories; and maintain a balanced diet containing all the elements the body requires to sustain and build wealth.

Law 2 – Cleanliness and Dress

It has been said that “cleanliness is next to Godliness”, and while this saying did not come directly from the Bible, the principle is certainly correct. Keeping your person, your clothes, and your living quarters clean will not only aid in promoting vigorous health, but will tend to keep your thoughts on a higher level of productivity and accomplishment.

sunshine-and-fresh-airLaw 3 – Sunshine and Fresh Air

Occasionally exposing a portion of the body to the sun’s rays is beneficial. At every opportunity, take a deep breath of the purest, freshest air you can find. Breath deeply to be healthy. Most of us take in enough air to sustain life, but not  enough to live it vigorously.


Law 4  – Exercise

Before the advent of the Industrial Revolution, most people got plenty of exercise whether they wanted to or not. But today it can all too easily be avoided. Perhaps future anthropologists will look back and classify us as “sitters”, because that is the dominant posture of our age! Many are only a fraction of the physical specimens they ought to be, but nearly everyone needs an intelligently planned program of exercise, to stimulate deep breathing and increase blood circulation.

Law 5 – Sleep and Rest BeStill-small

Nothing will take the place of regular sleep and rest in its recuperative effects on the human body. When the Creator said, “six days shalt thou labour and do all thy work,” He was giving a law of health – as well as a spiritual principle – which will never grow old. Both physically and mentally, we need to rest every seventh day – and so God gave the Sabbath rest as a great blessing.

Law 6 – Avoid Bodily Injury

Too many reckless, careless people defile and destroy their bodies not only with perverted foods, drinks, cigarettes, drugs and the like – but by injuring them in mishaps and accidents. Carelessness doesn’t pay; develop the habit of thinking ahead.

Law 7  – Build a POSITIVE Mental Attitude

One of the least-understood factors governing health is the profound effect that the mind has on the body. It is becoming increasingly recognized that a large part of the common ailments of mankind are caused – not so much by the body – as by the mind. Strife, fear, tension and anxiety all take a terrible toll in the physical impairments which they either directly cause or aggravate in our bodies.

That sums up Part 1 of of an 8 Part pdf reprint – download Principles of Healthful Living to get the rest of this vital information!


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